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Therapeutic and Healthy Endeavor: Home Gardening


Home gardening can be a wonderful way to relax after a rough day in the office, allowing the individual to have time outside, physical activity, and produce a gorgeous garden that everyone can enjoy.  Whether they choose to grow a flower garden or stick to vegetables, a garden comes in all shapes and sizes, from containers gardens, ornamental gardens or ones that provide food for the entire family.

Types of Gardening

There are different types of home gardening styles for individuals to choose from so that they can experiment to see what ones work best for them.  Getting started in home gardening almost always starts with the soil, since that is the essence of all that will grow in the garden.  Placement of the garden is of importance as well, since there are some flowers and plants that will not grow in direct sunlight or full shade, so the area where the garden is to be placed should be chosen with care.

There are different types of plants that can be planted in home gardens.Besides the many varieties of fruits and vegetables, there are different types of flowers, grasses and bushes that can be grown in home gardens.  Annual plants are ones that only live for one growing season.The downside to these plants is that they have to be replaced every year.  However, they are great filler plants and add splashes of color and texture wherever they are planted.  In addition, there are biennial plants that last for two seasons, so the individual gets more 'value' for their money.

Perennial plants are usually the foundation to any decorative garden since they continue to grow year after year and, if tended well, will fill in and make the garden look more and more luxurious with each year.Rose gardening is another option of perennial that can make for a beautiful garden.  Some people are wary of choosing roses for the garden, thinking that they are hard to tend and finicky, but with a few simple tips, growing a rose garden is a great choice in a home garden.

The other popular choice in flowers is growing from bulbs and tubers.These flowers also grow back year after year, but have to be tended to ward off deer and other creatures who love the tender bulbs.  Ornamental grasses and vines are also wonderful choices to edge home gardens or to use as ground cover, since they are decorative and easy to tend once they have grown in.

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