Lucky Buddha

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Have You Ever Been To Yard / Garage Sale ? If 'Yes', WhaT Stuffs Did You Buy There ?


Or had You Been to The Flea Market? To Buy What?

Out of Curiosity, I had been to the Yard / Garage Sales to see what were there for sale but didn't buy any even though I was interested in some rare art-pieces.

I'd prefer Flea-markets to buy some Exquisitely CrafTed Chinese wall hangings & other statues of medium size to decorate our garden & interiors. I got one big Circular multi-coloured & well-designed Metal ART Plate that fills our Family Room with Beauty!

A Sculpted laughing Lucky Buddha Statue in our Living room bringing a cheer ( that's greater than a fortune) to every face turned toward it.


I have been to both Yard , Garage Sales and Flea Markets. I am interested in Books , primarily, of Classical Music and .or Composers; Philosophy, and Foreign Languages. Over the years, I have done very well and found some interesting books .If on occasion, I find a rare book, I will sell it on EBay unless I want it for my modest Library. The rest, I read and then donate to our local library or School Library or Hospital.

NW Wholesaler Live Lucky Bamboo 8 Stalk Braided Trellis with Unique Buddha Pot

Lucky Buddha

Lucky Buddha Beer

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