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Oase Pond

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How to Choose a Fountain or Small Water Feature Pump by Tony Roocroft

If all you want is a simple water fountain pump then choose a pump that comes complete with the water fountain included. There is a wide choice available for you.
A water fountain pump is useful in any garden or backyard pond. The action of sprinkling water into fine droplets allows a lot of oxygen to be captured from the air. The fountain pump is designed to generate lots of fountains droplets to aid this process.

There are few fountain pump nozzles that give different effects. These nozzles come standard for example with some of the Oase fountain pump ranges such as the Nautilus series or Aquarius pumps

Types of fountain pump nozzles
Different water fountain pump manufacturers use different names for the fountains produced ... names like foam jets, tulip jets, umbrella jets and so on. Choose the water fountain jet appearance you like when you buy the fountain pump. To create high fountains you need more powerful pumps and this is why it is always best to buy a pump that comes with a range of jets or nozzles included in the price. You'll then know what to expect from such a pump and whether you'll get the desired fountain effect.

Water fountain height and fountain diameters

In a 3 tier simple water fountain jet, there are 2 layer and single layer water nozzles. These are cheapest kind of water fountain attachments normally.

If you choose a water fountain pump with high jets make sure that your pond width is enough to prevent all the water being blown away on a windy day. As examples the Nautilus pump series from Oase can produce 3 tier water fountains up to 4ft high (115 cm) and with a fountain diameter of almost 2 feet (55cm). The Aquarius pond and fountain pump series also made by Oase produce displays up to 4 feet high (120cm) and 3 feet diameter (100cm)

If you find that your fountain pump is a bit too strong divert some water back into pond by adjusting the valve that comes attached with most good pumps.

Tony Roocroft is known worldwide as the Pond Professor. He specializes in solving all pond problems associated with pond pumps, pond filters and related water gardening and pond equipment. Tony is the author and publisher of The Complete Pond Solver. More Details are available at http://www.practical-water-gardens.com

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