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Russel Brown - True Artist or Con Job? ? ?

Hi I purchased a painting from a guy who said they were genuine original oil painting its of a australian sheep/outback sort of picture. Has anyone heard of Russel Brown? The painting has his name signed on bottom of painting. The painting was sold by a door to door salesman. The painting is beautiful - I dont really care if the painting is just a copy etc, but I would really like to know if there is a real Russel Brown who paints original pictures or if they are just copies of someone elses work. The paintings are real oil on unstretched canvas. thanks.
thanks - 'The_lips" but the russel on the paintings is spelt with only 1 L. and its oil not photographs. but thankyou verymuch for taking time to answer.
I am in Melbourne Australia. thanks.


He's the real McCoy.

See the attached link.

OK - sorry, I don't know one who spells his name with just the one "L". I felt sure this must be the guy (he does do paintings as well as photography) as he comes from Australia too.

Painted Original

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