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Triggers for Asthma Attacks – Learn To Recognize Asthma Signs And Symptoms

There are many different triggers for asthma attacks, which may be from going outside and pushing your body to its limits, or a simple walk down the road. It all just depends on the asperity of your attacks.

Allergens are a main trigger for asthma attacks, and is the most reported of them all. These allergens can include pollen, house dust/dust mites, animal dander or protein, cockroaches, certain foods, and mold.

Respiratory infections and sinusitis can cause irritation or disturb the airways, nose, throat, lungs, and sinuses. These symptoms can worsen the asthma for you, and may cause you to suffer from more dangerous asthma attacks.

Another trigger for asthma attacks can include irritants such as: strong odors and/or sprays in the air and around you which may be perfumes or household cleaners, cooking fumes, paints, varnishes, coal, chalk, dust, or talcum powder, air pollutants, changing in the weather, and chemical-exposure in work.

Other triggers for asthma attacks are sensitivity to medicines such as: aspirin, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications, ibuprofen, indomethacin, naproxen, and sulfites used as preservatives in food and beverages.

Most cardiovascular exercises and inhalation of second hand smoke are other common triggers for asthma attacks. Wood smoke is another trigger for asthma attacks just like secondhand smoke, which is caused by burning wood and breathing in the fumes.

Nervous stress and emotional anxiety are other common ways to trigger asthma attacks, which can be certain reactions towards stress-related effects and causes.

Recent medical studies also show that most stress related symptoms may affect the immune system, and increase the asthma symptoms you are currently suffering from - in return, another trigger for an attack, but this time more severe and more harmful to you.

GERD, short for gastro esophageal reflux may be another trigger. Due to the fact that this certain reflux of stomach acids persistently is common with individuals who have asthma. The various symptoms may include heartburn, belching, or in infants, spitting up.

Learn to recognize the asthma signs and symptoms before they escalate into an asthma attack. Visit my asthma homeopathy site and discover the different natural asthma remedies that you can take at home.

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